About Mark Turns

Mark Turns is a spoken-word artist/poet & Lyricist from Columbus, Ohio who enjoys writing.The 3 featured tracks on this page:

1). I'm Not Gonna' Hurt You.

2). Open Your a Eyes. (1st Remix)

3). The Sweetest Loveletters -AND- We'll Drink Our Wine & Our Whiskey Together.

The following 8 singles are currently playing on SongCast radio and are also available off of the www.LiLGoat.com homepage under The MGT Quiet Storm and Singles From The Soul & Daylight CD sections: Having You Here, She Makes Me Wanna Do That, If Ya Ain't Gonna Stay Awhile, How Much Does It Cost?, If It Were To Be, Mama Got Some Thickness Goin' In, How Do You Tell A Woman That's Been Hurt So Deeply? -and- I'm Singing I Got Me A Woman. Get the free SongCast mobile app from The App Store or Google Play and hear these and other songs on demand.

The new CD "MGT Sounds Of Funktown" is now available for sale off of the www.LiLGoat.com site. Other songs are also available.

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