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Blade of Uriel


  Valley Of The Shadow
  Timeless Majestic
  Ocean Of Souls
Hometown: Falls Church, Virginia  USA
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Artist Bio

Born in 76', started playing String Bass at age 12, picked up a Guitar at age 15 and haven't put it down since. Piano has now caught my interest and continues to amaze and intrigue me. Band Members: Keyboard, Bass, Guitar, Microphone and I.

Influence: Bach, Beethoven, Handle, Mozart, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Emerson Lake & Palmer, King Crimson, Kyuss and a bunch of other Artist/Musicians that have given me hope and inspiration.


Artist: Blade Of Uriel

Album: Valley Of The Shadow

Style: Rock

© 2009 Blade Of Uriel 


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