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Hometown:   Denmark
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Artist Bio

Beat-maker/ Music Composer. And also an artist, drawing and painting. I'm also into film-making and Photography.
My music has many styles and different genres.
Mostly I make hip-hop beats, Film Score Composition Type/Soundtracks, R&B, Ambient and Electronic.
Or I just improvise till it becomes a nice music track.
My favorite music composer "is/was" Hans Zimmer.

I Hope some people find my music interesting.



Artist: Emanuel Datki

Album: Vitality of Women

Style: Instrumental

© 2013 E.D. Tracks 


Artist: Emanuel Datki

Album: Blood Amulet

Style: Soundtrack

© 2011 E.D. Tracks 


Artist: Emanuel Datki

Album: Clouds of Wonder

Style: Soundtrack

© 2013 E.D.Tracks 


Artist: Emanuel Datki

Album: Moonlight Dreams

Style: Soundtrack

© 2013 E.D.-Trax 


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Saturday, Mar 09, 2013 9:00 PM
Your soundtrack is realy good. :)
Wednesday, Feb 27, 2013 7:26 PM
nice tracks