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  Johnny Be Good
  Steamroller Blues
  Run, Run Rudolph
Hometown: Surrey, British Columbia  Canada
Artist Link: Geoffedmunds
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Artist Bio

Geoff and Dave Edmunds started together in a small garage band called The Stompers in 1960. Prior to that, they had an act that played Boogie Woogie duets on the piano, performing concerts at local church halls and the like. They were 12 and 8 years old, respectively! One 'gig' when Geoff was 16 and Dave, 12, ended up getting them into some hot water. They were playing their brand of Boogie Woogie in a very rundown black blues club when police stormed through the door. At first, they were terr ...


Artist: Geoff Edmunds

Album: Best Of Geoff Edmunds

Style: Rock

© 2002 Geoff Edmunds 


Artist: Geoff Edmunds

Album: Geoff Edmunds Vol. II

Style: Rock

© 1985 Jinga Records 


Artist: Geoff Edmunds

Album: True, Blue Me

Style: Rock

© 2012 Jinga Records 


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