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Marissa Colombi


  I'm All Cried Out
  My Gallant Young Soldier
  I Can Feel the Heat
Hometown: Fort Bragg, California  USA
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Artist Bio

My name is Marissa and I am a songwriter. Love to write all kinds of music from Country, Alternative and Dance.

I dedicated the album Gallant Young Soldier to my father who served in World War II.

The songs that I wrote are on demos that were recorded in Nashville, Tennessee.

You can check out my music also at


Artist: Marissa Colombi

Album: Gallant Young Soldier

Style: Country

© 2005 Marissa Colombi 


Artist: Marissa Colombi

Album: Hear My Prayer

Style: Alternative

© 2012 Marissa Colombi 


Artist: Marissa Colombi

Album: I Can Feel the Heat

Style: Dance

© 2012 Marissa Colombi 


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