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  Bo$$ Mu$ic
  On the Ave (feat. Young J...
Hometown: Arlington, Texas  United States
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Look Left, Look Right
All I see is flashing lights. This promising new independent label is here to bring great music back to the front of the line. Excuse me, Rocc-Starr Entertainment coming through! They don't mean to be hasty but their claiming it’s their time now, so deal with it!
(If you have a problem with it, then this not what you want!!!)
Do You, Hear Me???!!!™

Mission Statement
To provide service excellence in bringing great opportunitie ...


Artist: Mr. Joe Billionaire

Album: Do My Thang

Style: Hip Hop/Rap

© 2012 RSE/ATM 


Artist: Lil Kee & C. Sweet

Album: Boss Music, Vol. 1

Style: Hip Hop/Rap

© 2013 Armored Truck Music/Rocc-Starr Ent. 


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