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Hometown: rome,   Italy
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Solo Rock Artist
REy was born in Toronto Canada and has started music at the age of 8 .His live music experiance as a full time musician starts at 18.In the year 2000 he co-wrote 4 dance songs such as "Hey Now" artist Bimba Bmg Supereva compilation 2000,"Echoes Of Love" artist Ryo rerleased in 4 countries,"Down Down" artist 14fourteen and "Crying"artist Dama all songs have been released in 4 countries and on various compilation.Rey then started in the same year working as a solo r ...

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Thursday, Sep 20, 2012 5:04 AM
Thanks for the downloads this year Oddisee. Just a qutiseon though, will you be pressing any of the albums from last year on wax, including the 2010 wrap up?? Was really after the Odd series on vinyl...that would be a treat.Cheers