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  We Made This Bed
  Now Is Our Time (feat. Me...
  3 Chords & the Lie (feat....
Hometown: Nashville, TN  US
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The Mysterious yet Playful & Lovable Country Duo known as THE HOWBOY CATTS, featuring JAMES HENRY FRAME III (CAP'N LOVE) on Vocals, Guitar & Drums and WALTER (THE MUSIC CITY MADMAN) CHERRY on Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Banjo, & percussion are armed and ready 2 country. With the release of their first studio ep, STARTIN' FROM SCRATCH, a live album recorded at the World Famous Exit /In, in Nashville, both on the duet's own independent FYF Records label, touring in 2010 & 2011 around the mid south, a ...


Artist: The Howboy Catts

Album: Now Is Our Time - B/W - 3 Chords & the Lie

Style: Country

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Artist: The Howboy Catts

Album: Are U Ready 2 Country - B/W - Fast In Love

Style: Country

© 2010 FYF Records 


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