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Hometown: Orlando, Fl  United States
Artist Link: Officila Ty Hanah Site
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Artist Bio

Ty Hannah was born November 25th 1980, to his mother Annie Hannah and his father Ollie Hannah he was born in the city of Sumter, Sc where he love for music began, he began doin talent shows at many churh and school events. Ty Luv then moved to Minnesota, where he joined a group, and performed in the midwest area, where he also worked with James "Poppi" Guer, known for his membership with "The Time", and other world renown producers, Ty then parted ways with the group and began his solo effor ...


Artist: Ty Hannah

Album: The Recommencing Of Ty Hannah

Style: R&B/Soul

© 2010 Ty Hannah 


Artist: Ty Hannah

Album: She's Fine

Style: R&B/Soul

© 2012 Ty Hannah 


Artist: Ty Hannah

Album: Im Her Ringtone

Style: R&B/Soul

© 2014 TyHannahInc. 


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