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  En Dieu Seul Ton Createur
  The Spirit Of The Lord God
  The True Meaning Of Christmas
Grand-Falls, New Brunswick  Canada
Brenda Geneau/Polished Arrow Mus

Artist Bio

Born and raised in North Western N.B., Canada, Brenda is the fourth of nine children born to the late Mr. Lawrence Geneau and his wife Rita. She is fluent in both official languages. She started singing at the young age of ten and was lead singer for their family band for several years.

In 1985 Brenda moved to Ontario to pursue her musical dream.
On January 26th, 1989 God used a song to reveal His love to Brenda where she had a life changing experience that led her to dev ...


Brenda Geneau

His Love Never Dies

© 1995 Brenda Geneau


Brenda Geneau

Sacrifice De Louange

© 2009 Polished Arrow


Brenda Geneau

A Father's Love

© 2000 Polished Arrow


Brenda Geneau

Here Is Love

© 2006 Polished Arrow


Brenda Geneau

The True Meaning Of Chris...

© 2005 Polished Arrow


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