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Hometown: Clearwater, Florida  United States
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"I do not have a recording contract, and if you bring me one to sign, I will probably wipe my ass with it." ~ Disdain 2008

I do not go into a studio with a team of editors who candy up my shit to make it more appealing to you. I do not have a group of promoters attempting to innovate a way to screw my listeners out of a buck. I create, record, and master every song in the living room of my one bedroom apartment with $1000 of equipment, which has taken me ten years to obtain. ...


Artist: Disdain

Album: The Wrong Side of Right (Single)

Style: Hip Hop/Rap

© 2010 None (My Living Room) 


Artist: Disdain (Matthew Mazer)

Album: Audio Archetypes

Style: Hip Hop/Rap

© 2010 Disdain (Matt Mazer) 


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