About SlixSpin Records

Extreme Distractin (The Band) is based in the Houston, Texas area. We write original "Thunder Rock" songs, which have some 80's undertones, heavy distictive drums and edgy lead guitar with lyrics which tell everyone's story. Our debut song, "Extreme Distraction", is a great example of our style, so take a listen!

You can reach us at info@slixspin.com our label.

SlixSpin Records
Jake Jacobsen
Managing Director
106 W. Montfair Boulevard
The Woodlands, Texas 77382
(713) 653-3413

Our Band memebers are:
Lead Vocals: Tom Spencer
Lead Guitar: Shawn Harold
Rythm Guitar: Tom Spencer and Jake Jaobsen
Bass Guitar: Daryl Youngblood
Drums: Conner "Banger" Wright

Lyrics: Jake Jacobsen & Tom Spencer
Music Compilation: Jake Jacobsen & Daryl Youngblood

Recorded, Produced and mixed at DuoTone Studios-Spring, Texas-USA.
Producer: Daryl Youngblod
Engineer: Daryl Youngblood

Special thanks: Lisa M. (The inspiration for this song).

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