About Relaxing Music World

Welcome to RMW Artists (aka Relaxing Music World)! Beautiful instrumental music to soothe the heart and soul. 

Step into a new and undiscovered world of music that relaxes the mind and body and uplifts the spirit. Relaxing Music World features the artistry of modern masters who touch the heart with inspired soundscapes.

RMW Artists is a record label founded in 2012 to serve the world by presenting beautiful, soothing instrumental music that enriches people's lives; and to serve a community of fellow musicians by helping them create a sustainable living.

RMW Artists albums feature the exceptional talents of musician/recording artists who are passionate about creating beautiful, artistic music for listening pleasure and healing.

Our multi-artist compilations are carefully crafted toward specific themes that fit the many seasons and moods of your life :

Sleep and rest
Healing and meditation
Spa, massage and yoga
Reading and study
Dinner and entertaining
Driving and travel
Weddings, Christmas, other holidays & much more!
Featuring Guitar, Piano, Flute, Violin, Ukulele...
Over 25 album releases, Hundreds of songs, and 15+ artists.  

From rejuvenating and healing spa music, mellow classical and original acoustic compositions, to smooth Latin jazz, laid back Hawaiian moods and groovy flamenco rhythms, you'll find an entire universe of great music to stream or download to your heart's content.

Prior to the startup of RMW Artists (aka Relaxing Music World), founder Patrick Ki had established a long, successful career as a guitarist, composer and recording artist. With two music degrees, nine self-produced instrumental albums, and a solid regional fan base, he had achieved many of the milestones that professional musicians envision.....until the advent of the digital age completely revolutionized the music business and the ways that listeners engage with music.

Faced with a keen realization that the careers of many independent recording artists had reached a pivotal crossroads, Patrick Ki formed the RMW Artists digital record label as a positive response to both the challenges and wonderful opportunities presented by the new music industry.The creation of RMW was inspired by the unprecedented ease-of-access provided by the internet for listeners to find and enjoy music, and for musicians to find and connect with new audiences. As a company, we dedicated ourselves to learning about and exploring these different avenues, and we invited our fellow musicians to join us as we moved into new territory. And what an exciting journey it has been!

Over the course of the past three years, RMW Artists has grown into a collective that represents over fifteen artists that are featured on over twenty-five themed compilations, with new artists and albums being added every year! Powered by the music of our talented artist collective and the exciting channels now available for reaching listeners, RMW brings forth the dedication, passion and artistry of our musicians along with the precious value that their musical gifts have to offer the world.

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