About First Rush

First Rush is a new version of an old classic. With origins still firmly rooted in their progressive rock history, the members of First Rush are made up of original “First Rush” members Rick Johansen – drums and vocals, and Mark Hicks – keyboards and vocals. Rounding out the band; On guitar and vocals is Russ Webb, on bass guitar and vocals Kevin Snow, on lead guitar Dustin Howser, and on lead vocals Scott Wert.

“In the past 44 years, we’ve evolved into what we are now,” says founding member, Rick Johansen. “This is what we were meant to be, in my opinion, a Christian progressive rock band with a positive message. The infusion of the younger guys (Kevin, Scott, and Dustin) has given our song writing needed energy and new relevance.”

First Rush continues to carry their skillful stylistic interpretations of their chosen classic rock genre into the new century with new found youth, still not conforming to the standard classic rock band image. “We’re just trying to stay true to our convictions, believing in love and respect all through the lens of following Christ.”

Visit them at www.firstrush.com Enjoy their own original Christian progressive rock songs with an accent on rich vocal harmonies, stand-out guitars, melodies and percussion, all performed with the collective legacy of untold decades of stage experience.

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