Heavy Metal sleeze band with raunchy riffs and intresting lyrics. A mix between FASTER PUSSYCAT and DANGEROUS TOYS. Circus Zombie delivers high end quality with heart felt harmonies. Lead Vocals and Guitar - Bily Rathbone, Lead Guitar - Retro Simpson, Drums - Pj Doreo, and Bassist - Sage Tabor not only give you the music you love but hit the subjects many are scared to tackle. Storytelling at it's finest backed by some of the best guitar riffs ever written. Circus Zombie - Addiction & Attraction: Get addicted this summer! Live life, play it loud, and if you have to be eaten. Be eaten by the nastiest. Circus Zombie! Writer/Composer Bily Rathbone and Circus Zombie have been added to seven horror movie film tracks including "Brownstone, An American Zombie Tale, Rest in Pieces, The Madhatter, Dead Mountain Road, and Puppetmaster, Puppet Wars One. The band was criticized for turning one of their most popular live ballads into a country song on this Cd. The band would like to state at this point, "Yeah, it's something we wanted to see if we could do. Music is Music, we still play it loud and proud live."
Life should be like music and movies. Loud as hell and entertaining right to the end. Circus Zombie encourages you to check us out on youtube. We are proud that we gave the fans more than most on the ADDICTION cd. 17 songs not comman for an indy release. The hard copy of the cd has only 16, so if you download the album you get bonus nastiness. The group just finished up a two month tour in the south and are now gearing up for the next release, "Circus Zombie, "Fuel to the Fire" On the upcoming cd you finally get to hear the songs you've been begging for. "Worship me, Broken Figurine, Wicked Spell, Rival of the Gods, The Lost, On My TV, Storybood Suicide, Livin' For You, Picture of the Shelf, Gasoline Alley, Burning Rose Petals, Pussy Whooped, Just A Thought, Puppettier, Crush Syndrome (SIF), Boned, and Aging Rose" All the songs will be featured in the Independant film "TEN THOUSAND DEATHS" also written by Bily Rathbone and will be released in late 2014. "FUEL TO THE FIRE" will be released in 2013. Live fast die hard, run faster there are Zombies in your backyard. The Zombies are also working on the Epic "THE BURIAL" a 167 minute song based on the comic book MUTOPIA written by Bily Rathbone for Dragon VOICE comics. If you have been lucky enough to see the ZOMBIES live then you know. It's not just a show, It's an event. In Tampa Bay after playing a two hour set the band was asked by the owner to play an encore. They played THE BURIAl. Three hours later they finished their one song. The owner doubled the pay because he said, "It was the richest three hours I've ever had" I've been hired by the band to keep up their blog and create the ZOMBIE GRAVE YARD. I will do my best to honor the guys with a twisted and fresh new look for the band. They asked me to remind everyone that they are not killers or mass murderers but they will deliver what others want. The band wrote Addiction and Attraction to shed more light on all addictions and how they affect your everyday life. Their is no good addiction. The cd is mostly glam/sleeze but they have a heavy side with exotic progressions. If you are looking to hire a band with flare that work hard to please each and every fan every single night. Circus Zombie is the beast you need to unleash. All the Addiction and Attraction videos will be released on DVD in late 2013. If you want to save the world do what lead vocalist told Barrack when he visited Asheville last year. Plug a cord into an amp and play like everyone is listening. Rock Stars and Guitar Hereo's carry blisters not plastic instruments. Fight for your freedoms today because tomorrow not only may your freedoms be gone but so will your ROCK! Rock the VOTE! Rock the Basement, Rock her World. Just friggin' ROCK!

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