Queen Ofir is a multi-lingual recording artist, songstress songwriter and composer performing in English,French Hebrew, Spanish, Arabic, Italian and Persian. ENGEL (Queen Ofir) has been a Grammy nominee contestant since 2015 with 9 consideration for Grammy nominations,including 2019 best new age music titled peace prayer"from an album titled "Voice Of The Ancestors and for"2018 "Game Of Love"for Best Music Video, Song Of The Year and Pop Performance Vocals, 2017 her seminal hit song "You're My Hero" for the Song of the Year category.
Queen Ofir has seen several of her greatest hits reach this milestone including her songs "Higher" and "Sound of The Jewish Soul, which were up for Song of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Performance categories! Her most recent contestant nomination was for "You're My Hero" in the Song of the Year category. Queen Ofir is a high voltage, eclectic performer and a fifteen-time award winning international singer-songwriter, actress and producer offering original, cutting edge world-dance music that touches the hearts of people of all ages. She presents a dramatic and emotionally-charged style that covers the whole spectrum of musical genres including techno, trans, world-dance pop, classical and hip-hop that sometimes mixes futuristic and fusion dance with rock.

OFIR ENGEL (Queen Ofir) remains impassioned to share her vision and the internal journey she has traveled through life with people everywhere. Her dynamic music continues to grow, change and reach out to people as she remains steadfast to show the world through her own record label (PASSION SHOW RECORDS) what she has found to be life's truest passion. It is an infinite and ultimate passion which she loves sharing through life's most passionate form of expression: music!


"This is the harmony of the living soul," which is but one passionate way to describe OFIR and her music. Her original music, and how it incorporates her love and caring for community and friends, so much define both the artist and her record company, PASSION SHOW RECORDS. "I'm into the vibe of the entire universe," OFIR muses. "And I view life as a magical journey which allows me to create powerful, indelible moments which I hope will continue to touch people's hearts and explore who we are and will wonderfully yet become!"

PASSION SHOW RECORDS is a high profile label that cares about community and the many diverse people who make up communities across the globe. PASSION SHOW RECORDS stands behind its slogan "You must envision the beach beyond the horizon!" It continues to contribute to the lives of people through the art and beauty that is music and dance. PASSION SHOW RECORDS believes its most important creative mission is creating exciting music and providing entertainment, not only to people and communities everywhere, but also to charities, benefits and significant world events where mainstream music is heard and loved worldwide.

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