About Kurt Hartle

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Follow the icons for iTunes and Amazon MP3 or, alternatively locate all of my albums by searching for Kurt Hartle as artist with Amazon.com Track notes for my first two albums, Suffolk Skies and Noun, may be found in the archives on my blog. Comments may be posted below and I welcome your feedback.
Composing and arranging requires quite some effort and time to adjust the sounds, shape the phrasing, and to consider how each given instrument 'behaves' when in the hands of a live player. With Sibelius I had to move from the act of composition itself into the realm and subsequent skills of studio production. When a work begins to come together, it is rather like having a full orchestra at one's fingertips.
Kurt Hartle has been involved with music since the age of 11. He has past experience with many woodwind instruments, a few brass, piano, and the classical guitar. No longer a performer, he has chosen to pursue his musical interests by composing pieces from the intimacy of a piano solo, to duets/trios, larger ensemble and even full orchestral works.

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