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BIOGRAPHY of J.Batts aka J14k -

Seven years ago, Jastin Batts decided to attend North Carolina A&T State University as a computer science major once he left Wilmington, North Carolina's New Hanover High School. For graduation he received an electric guitar. It was six months during his first year at A&T before he realized he wanted more and it wasn’t from a computer.

It was in 2002 he began writing songs. Already an established poet, publishing his first poem at the age of 17, Jastin felt he was well on his way with poetry, which would help him be different among other songwriters. When asked why he is a songwriter, he answered, “Writing is the talent God gave me. Always interested in music, songwriting was the next step.”

A few months later, the Virginia native hooked up with one of the best progressive producers around, Chris “Cyntific” Williams now CEO of Neptune 7 Productions (long time friend). The impressive chemistry J. Batts and Cyntific had created a new style of R&B; “Alternative R&B is what we could call it. But something about what we do together; there's no word for it...yet anyway”, clarified by Mr. Batts.

When listening to songs like “Summer Love,” “Beauty at Its Best,” and more currently, “Let Me Go Alone”; it is hard to believe, born from Salt Lake City, Utah, this kid can get down with an acoustic and electric guitar combined with passionate poetic lyrics.

Jastin was soon sought after by an independent label based in Greensboro, NC (Pure Records UAG Production Inc.). It’s easy to see what steady perfection to one’s craft and a few years of college can do, now, to a 25 year old on the rise. Also, moving forward with his craft, Jastin is now three years into being a well rounded producer and engineer; so the slashes are definitely pushing him to do more; “It’s more than making beats; I create music. It's a profound power really. I want to help change things.”

On Sept. 22nd, 2008, Jastin was recognized as a finalist in an online producer contest by www.loud.com competing in Nov. 08' for a three (3) song deal with SRC/Universal included with $15,000 dollars as the grand prize. Just another accomplishment for a guy who is a songwriter, producer, guitarist, lyricist, progressive singer, artist, and engineer, "It's good sh** dude!” a phrase J. Batts uses to end his sessions.

If he continues to work with the right people, supported by many, conquers the struggle, and believes, not even outer space can be the limit for this guy; “I finally have a Reason with Reason!” Music Inspires Language, released 12.11.07, is Jastin’s first effort for the world to hear what he’s made of. For a CD purchase log onto www.itunes.com and coming soon in 2009 is J14k's second album currently titled: Defiance. Also, Jastin has decided to move forward again from independent producer to owning his own production company: FREEDOM TIME STUDIOS PRODUCTIONS or FTS PRODUCTIONS.
For questions and more information about his music contact Jastin by phone or email: 703.582.7451 or freedomtsp@gmail.com

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