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Since this Bio was written John Kirby Woollard died of Leukemia after fighting the illness heroically for 3 months. We can never replace him, just carry the flag without him:-

It all began in 1961 with a group of guys from Leeds, Yorks, England who formed The Cherokees with band members, John Kirby Woollard, lead singer; Tez Stokes, lead guitar; David Bower, Rhythm guitar; Mick Sweeney, bass guitar; Jim Green, Drums. This outfit attained a record contract with Decca and later Micky Most produced “7 Golden Daffodils” and “Dig a Little Deeper” that charted in 1965. The band changed the name to New York Public Library in 1966, with new drummer, Mick Ibbotson and released “Land Of A Thousand Dances” and “I ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore”. They worked at The Starclub in Hamburg between 65-67 where they met and became close friends with The Knack from London. In early 67 Mick Ibbotson and Mick Sweeney left and were replaced by Topper Clay(Drums) from The Knack and Paul Servis (Bass) from Johnny Milton & The Condors. In late 67 John Woollard and Paul Servis left the band and another reshuffle took place employing the services of another ex Knack member Brian Morris (Later Brian Parrish) on Rickenbacker Twelve string guitar and Lead vocal. This line-up Tez Stokes (Gtr) David Bower (Bs) Topper (Drms) and Brian (12Str) toured the Universities and the London Clubs of the day, had two releases on MCA “Gotta Get Away” and “Love Me Two Times”. They recorded some other material for Campbell Connelly and again with Micky Most, “Come Away Melinda and” If I were a Carpenter”, both very long and freaky, but unfortunately never released. Brian Morris left in August 69 to pursue a solo career and Peter Morrison joined. This line-up recorded an album of Buddy Holly songs and contractual difficulties ensued. Against a court order, the album was released as “Raw Holly” in 1970 on Coral in the US and Germany on Red Bird. Brian Parrish sang lead vocal on the single “Raining in My Heart”. The band went on to release “Wheiling Ty Loo” and “Boozy Queen” for B&C Records but not before recording an album in Boston Mass with close friend and engineer, Richard Berred Ouellette. The tapes sat on the studio shelf, before being salvaged and remastered by Pete Morrison along with other NYPL material. The band split in 73 but in 74 John Woollard returned and he, Dave Bower, and Peter Morrison pressed on to form a new band with Andy Hill (kbs)John Danter (Gtr) and Graham Hill (Drms), called “Little Big Man”, They recorded an album in Sheffield Alabama, with Swampdogg which was unreleased. Another unreleased album was recorded in England, produced by David Mindel, between 1975-76. A single “Time & Tide was hooked off it and released on Polydor. Although the band generated plenty of interest,the state of unreleases caused Little Big Man to split. Dave Bower, John Woollard and Peter Morrison soldiered on, brought in Howard Fullbrook (gtr and Fiddle) and toured the folk clubs of Britain as BMW, playing all original tunes. They wrote songs for a couple of films produced by Danny O'Donavon.(The Stick Up and Black Joy). BMW dissolved after disenchantment and lack of motivation, but managed to record some of their work in Sun Studios (Reading). Eventually Topper Clay came back from the original NYPL and a new NYPL was born from the ashes. Dave Bower emigrated to Canada and Tez Stokes opened a recording studio. John Danter and Andy Hill wrote numerous hits for Bucks Fizz and Leo Sayer. Graham Walker played drums for Gary Moore.
The new line for NYPL was: John Kirby Woollard, Vocals: Topper Clay, drums: Peter Morrison, guitar, vocals: Karl Rylander, acoustic guitar, vocals: Dave “Lofty” Reng pedal steel: Paul Servis back on Bass. This line-up recorded two albums “Take Some Music” and “Keep a Clear Head” but shortly after finishing "Take Some Music" Paul was tragically killed in a car crash on the M1 in 1996. He was travelling home from a gig in Lancashire, in the early hours of the morning and he fell asleep at the wheel. He was the only "proper" musician among us all, attaining a degree from the London College of Music.Paul was a great inspiration to his soulmate John, who was shattered at the news. He was replaced by Bob Doughty. A long time friend of Lofty's, with a genial persona and pleasant smile, he played bass on all the next batch of recordings. He will be replaced by Jack Bruce when the time comes.
Peter Morrison has recorded his own CD's called, “Profit a Man” and "The Powers That Be". and is waiting to be launched. NASA is just waiting for the right weather window

After the passing of John, the band managed to regroup again, employing the services of 19yr old guitarist Sam Clarke. We occasionally go out and test the stages of local venues in and around Farnham Surrey these days and are in the throws of producing a new album. They said it wouldn't last. They were right. It flew.

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