About Rasmeshach Awaillas

Ras Meshach began his journey as Christopher Samuels, born and raised in the close-knit community of Granville St. James Montego bay. As a child growing up he always have a special love for the music, while attending school he would write lyrics for other student and free style to his class mates and friends.His first stage performance was at Penny Concert at a local venue in his community the audience was surprise with his performance at such young age. Ras Meshach continued to perform on lots of shows in western Jamaica he performed alongside people like Freddie Ranks,White Mice and the list goes on. In 1992 Ras Meshach migrated to Canada where he continued to do what he loves. In 1999 he release his first cd entitle JAH JAH LOVE which sold hundreds of copies all over Canada. Ras Meshach then took a break from the recording music scene to help take care of his kids. In March of 2008 Ras Meshach suffered a severed pneumonia a double pneumonia and chicken pox at the same time and both of Ras Meshach lungs shut down and he fell into a coma for a month and was on life support for two weeks at the Toronto General Hospital. After a year Ras Meshach fully recovered from his sickness, Ras Meshach gives thanks every time to the most high for saving his life and would also like to thank everyone who was praying for him during his sickness. In 2009 Ras Meshach recorded his first single (after the coma), Vanity. Ras Meshach then decided to buy his own recording studio in 2012 and in 2013 produced and recorded his second album title my love is so pure then Be Thankful. Ras Meshach Then just a few months later came out with his fourth album Jah Give I Faith. Ras Meshach is devoted to helping people know Jah, spreading a positive message all over the world while teaching everyone to love each other. Ras Meshach can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Reverb nation, MySpace, Jango Radio and YouTube just type in the his name Ras Meshach Awaillas and you can easily find him.


Rasmeshach awaillas is a jamaican singer/song writer/music engineer rasmeshach begon his career in montegobay jamaica useing stage name dilly bantan he proforms in a lot of venues all over jamaica he also work with a lots af artist in jamaica , rasmeshach proforms with artist in new york and canada he will be recording his new album in jamaica these recording will take place in the summer of 2015. We will be shooting music videos in jamaica and germany,keep checking for updates this album will contain fourteen song which on some rasmeshach will be collaborating with other jamaican artist we will be also looking for dancers , actors ect... to act in our music video,s anything we promote is for the upliftment of the youths.so all youths with you talent line up we are coming.

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