About Fancy J London

Fancy J London is a Genre Fluid recording artist from Boston, MA. She began singing in 4th grade and through-out her childhood up into her teens. Appearing in school plays, talent shows, special events, and in church choir along side her mother. She started publicly releasing her music in 2014 on SoundCloud eventually joining an independently owned record label "Fancy Lady Industries" in 2016, later becoming the Label CEO in 2019. Her popularity quickly grew there after with the release of her "Blu3" Album, reaching the attention of John Mayer , Jimmy Fallon, Shakewell , Pouya & Boobie Lootaveli. Her latest milestone was hitting #2 on The Spinnin' Records Talent Pool Charts with her latest single "Forever" and shortly after hitting #1 on Spinnin' Records with her track "You're The Reason, I Don't Trust Nobody" from her "Reflect" Album. Fancy J London went on to release her 8th full studio album that was her first self titled R&B album. Now she is working on her 9th album "Closer" due out sometime in 2022-2023.

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