About Triggonometry / OLYMPIAN STUDIOS

TRIGGONOMETRY (Joshua Troglin) Is a musician and man of many walks and experiences alike. The walking product of who's been argued to be the most famous warlock to ever walk this dirt DASCARDUS (Jerry B. Dyer), Trigger has become a well rounded musical mechanism. Not a surprise at the least with that kind of foundation and teachings of course , but even with credentials as such Trigger always maintains a laxative and humble kind of guy. He is naturally drawn to helping others and has dedicated his freedom to BATTLES WITH UNSEEN EVILS as He calls it. Trigger claims that His music is far more than just sounds or spliced words and predicates, they are instructions and experiences that people can use to help them overcome evils things that may be dragging them down or causing turmoil in their life. In this life there are dogs, and there are sheep. The choice is ultimately yours and so until your ready and you have validated my words, I'll be watching the wool covered herds as a dog does.....you can join Me when you wake up and smell the coffee. Life isn't always as it may seem, and I wish I could explain this more thoroughly in a more brief and timely manner.....however your journey will take its course as it is written. The journey to the TOP as they call it is probably not quite the way you may picture it in hour head. It's what happens behind the curtains, or right next to your seat as magic unveils it's face to a crowd few ever see.

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