Jerrime hill was born in queens and raised in the south bronx and thats where his love
for hiphop and music began. Growing up in an age where music was fresh and young, jerrime listened to soulful melodies coming out of his mothers living
room while his father and uncle were guitar players and played beautiful riffs going
into jerrimes spirit. As fate would have it, jerrimes parents moved to the bronx right around the time sugar hill gang and all the bronx djs and mcs where taking off. Being too young,
jerrime watch from the sidelines while his older brother listened to the greats and influence took its tool. Today jerrime a.k.a jeremiah davincii recreates the melodies
and rhymes with the intensity of the gods he listened to at a young age. A student of the music industry
now into the production side of things, making awesome beats and tracks for up and coming artists, putting his beats on line for sale under the name SUPERTRAXX, jeremiah davincii is a force to be
watched either in the booth or behind the boards. STAY TUNED!!


Born in queens and raised in the South Bronx, Jeremiah is the total package, lyrically and musically. 19 years ago, a young Jerrime Hill and a few of his friends got into a fresh and new thing called hip-hop and set out to pursue their dreams. After years of time in the studio, talent shows, managers selling fake promises, Jerrime watched as his boys fell to the sidelines, only to leave a young Jerrime all alone with a dream. With determination, Jerrime changed his stage name to “Jeremiah”, which is the root of his real name, which means “exalted by God.” With a new found swagger and sound, Jeremiah put out his own albums, produced his own music, and made his own coming attractions and videos. The Bible says in Jeremiah 1:10, “I place my words in your mouth this day and set you over nations and kingdoms.” When Jeremiah’s on the mic, you can sense a Godly force and power, but don’t take our word for it, just listen and as the slogan says........stay focused!!!!

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