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With a lifetime of experience as a professional musician, performer and composer, Greg Everett brings original music, powerful vocals, and funky to lush guitar stylings to all of his projects.

From the age of 15 when Greg began learning to play guitar, he wrote songs. Drawing from jazz greats of the 50s, 60s and 70s, the likes of B. B. King, Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Chicago, and others, his original music emerges as an eclectic tapestry of styles.

One of Greg's songs (Durango) was signed by one of Nashville's top music publishers (Al Jolson Black and White Music) in the 80s. He composes in many genres including country, jazz, blues, funk, and other styles. Greg released his first online album ("I've Never Been Here Before," featuring Gerry Plank on saxophones) in 2014.

Greg has performed as a soloist and with several Midwest bands throughout his career in a variety of venues from night clubs and cabarets to performing arts shows and large concerts. He has arranged vocal and instrumental elements in many genres of music, bringing a signature style to everything he's worked on. Greg has worked with industry icons including George Strait, Lacy J. Dalton, Crystal Gayle, Ides of March, Tower of Power and many others.

Wow And The Bar Flies was a name Greg coined for a group of musicians, including himself who regularly jammed at the Finish Line, a bar in Eagle River, WI. Greg no longer jams there but he kept the name for use on future projects.

All the songs from Greg's "De-Plugged" by "Wow And The Bar Flies" album and all the songs from the "I've Never Been Here Before" album by Greg Baker Everett, featuring Gerry Plank on saxophones are presented here at ReverbNation. Every song was written, arranged and produced by Greg Everett with collaborative help from Gerry Plank.

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