About Distorted Priorities

DVD Release Spring of 2018
Produced and all songs written by Distorted Priorities 
Engineering: Joey Vana and Brian Moritz
Assistant Engineer: Ethan Sohm
Mixed and Edited: Joey Vana 
Mastered by Joey Vana 
David Browning co-mix engineer on "I Like Dreaming" 
Video Producer, Editor Gary Pfister 
The Band: 
Tom Kro, Lead and Backing Vocals 
Brian Moritz: Guitars, Wild keyboard solos, and backing vocals (McKee Guitars, Kemper, MOTU, Vintech, and API)  
Dave LaRue: Various 4 and 5 string basses (Ernie Ball basses, Ampeg) 
Rod Morgenstein: Drums and Percussion (Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks) 
David Browning: Piano, Organ, and Synths
Thom Griffin: Backing Vocals, (lead vocals on On and On)  
Paul Dobroth: Backing Vocals, (random lead vocals). 
Special Guest: Mark Lessman Soprano Sax on "I Like Dreaming" and Tenor Sax on "Last Train Out" 
Stan Cotey: Alternate Solos on "Waiting for You", Rhythm Guitars on "In The End"  
Special thanks to brother Joe Vana for going above and beyond from day one of this band.
Additional Thanks to Steve Morse and Steve Lukather for their support. 
The record is dedicated to our friends and families, whom without this DVD would have never seen the light of day after 10 years in the making...

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