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Beginning in 1993 in Brisbane, Queensland as Flavors Radio Show broadcasting hip hop and cannabis culture music across three FM stations live for 12 hours a week as one of the first hip hop radio shows in Australia long before streaming and downloads when radio was king. The show exposed music never heard before in Australia and created a large loyal following. Ahead of its time FRS was controversial and uncensored with its hip hop playlist and cannabis culture content. Founder hobbyist artist DJ Jordan Clark aka JC Superstar immigrated from Altadena, California in 1989 as a teen bringing a passion for hip hop and open-minded approach to cannabis having grown up in a cannabis friendly environment of growers.

JC soon found a passion for the Aussie music industry studying sound engineering and business while working his way up the music industry ladder to executive levels in music retail and major labels including Polygram/Def Jam and HMV. The knowledge gained in the music industry and the artists emerging in Australia with no outlet inspired FRS International to be born as an independent record label.

Platinum streaming FRS International record label founded in 1997, began commissioning works immediately with several artists making their first studio recordings. K-Rasta Studios became the second home of FRS artists. Soon followed ‘The Sixth Sense’ EP release featuring several commissioned artists in collaboration which some confused as a group not a record label. This EP garnered retail and media success as some of the first Aussie Hip Hop featured in daytime rotation on national broadcaster Triple J and several stations that never featured hip hop prior. ‘The On Air Sessions Mixtape’ was next from the label featuring live recorded radio mixes and remixes from ‘The Sixth Sense’ as a 2CD. Becoming somewhat of a dynasty The FRS brand saw successful festival promotion, top night club management and the comic strip Headz ran weekly in the FRS International dedicated hip hop column 'Tha Broadcast' In Queensland’s largest music magazine at the time. Written designed and edited by JC and contributors from FRS it led to conducting countless recorded interviews with legends of hip hop used in print and on radio.

2000 saw the release of ‘Demo Jointz’ featuring several commissioned artists. While commissioned artists have come and gone JC Superstar remained the constant. Continuing the catalogue, in 2003 the solo album ‘hip hop’ was released. The rapidly changing music industry did not stop JC who continued recording giving it his heart and soul releasing the video single ‘The Immigrant’ in 2005 and moving into digital releases in the emerging stream and download market.

In 2007 Homiemade was established as a hobbyist digital aggregation platform. New projects began to flow with several compilations and singles featuring local and international artists. With several CD and USB mix tapes circulated since and regular digital releases ‘The Ecliptic’ CD was released in 2013. Several digital releases later the 2CD double Album ‘#homiemade’ was released in 2017 and followed up by the ‘#homiemade Full Legalization for All Use and Purpose Mixtape' CD release along with the historical catalogue, JC Superstar of Homiemade & FRS International continues to remain active into the 2020’s with 12 hard copy releases and the 2022 release of ‘420 Cannabis Culture Hip Hop’ CD and dozens of digital releases to date.

With a rich tradition of working with a who is who of international and local artists with original recordings commissioned by JC Superstar of Homiemade & FRS International including Sadat X, Spice 1, Craig G, Mr. Cheeks, RunDMC, The Dove Shack, DJ JS-1, Nutso, Timtation, Big2DaBoy, DJ Irie, Crow, Sleep, The World Famous D-Boy, Jay Are, Davedizzle, HB 4 The Record, Zeal Levin, Bo Roc, DJ 2High, Sleep, Scotty D, Slip Capone, Joke Dogg, DJ Smoke, Khromatic, Roc House, Mr. Who, ARS, Monsta Ganjah, Kristyle, El Loco, Flip, Deep Surface (9th Bishop & Chapel), PaPaul, Lotus, Vampstress, Kryptamistik, NWO Muzik, Choppa, Big Mic, Red J, Shaneal, K-Rasta, Caddy Cee, Jason Delkou, Kyle, Tony & Justine Cisneros, Dana, Tori Anderson, NicKo, Crisis, Maverick the G of Free Will Crew, Jack the Rapper, Bluntfield, Ayo Shorty, Tucky Kat, Sir Rated, Remok, Abstracts, Fetus & Avatar. The catalogue of FRS International is an outstanding achievement for a self-funded hobbyist hip hop label.

Continuing the cannabis culture movement JC founded www.420CannabisCulture.org as a page to reference independent research into the cannabis legalization movement alongside creating the smokesmodel platform Miss Cannabis (@Miss420CC) to acknowledge the goddess movement in cannabis culture advocating for full legalization for all use and purpose as a steady feature at Australia's largest cannabis event Nimbin MardiGrass Law Reform Rally since 2016.

Flavors Radio Show International has had several homes on radio stations in Queensland and is now operating autonomously Streaming LIVE 24/7 at Zeno.FM Radio domain name www.frsinternational.com.au

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