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Kesner Ganthier & Mighty Gospel

Faithfully offering the strong message of God's love to people and throughout the generations, Kesner Ganthier is one of the most popular Christian artists in the Haitian community; his music consists of a variety of styles that focuses on mostly spiritual topics, such as prayer and praise in three different languages (English, French, and Creole).

Born in a Christian family in Port-au-Prince Haiti, of which he shared the faith, knowing that he was called to serve, he chose a path that of preaching the Gospel through music. As a child growing up in Petion-Ville, Haiti, he had a strong desire to play and write his own music, at the age of six he began singing and playing the marching bands drums and the conga in his father’s church (The Church of Jesus Christ) in Kenscoff (Platon Café) Haiti. At the age of fifteen he began to learn how to play the guitar, growing up and listening to people like Mike Brant, Andrae Crouch, George Benson, Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Lou Rawls, Marvin Gay, Bob Marley, Dadou & Tico Pasquet etc, he could not stop improving on his skills as a singer and guitarist.

So he then started a group with his sisters known as:”Les Ganthier”. After having evolved in several groups such as "Gospel Union" and the famous group "Helping Hands” of Rigaud Duverne to mention only the ones, repeatedly applauded by spectators Haitians and foreigners, he then went solo in 1983 and with the assistance of The Mighty God and under the blue sky of Haiti, he founded his band known as “Kesner Ganthier and Mighty Gospel”, and then in 1985 he produced and released his first album titled: “Amou Li San Parey”. His live performance credits include Rigaud Duverne and his famous group “Helping Hands”, Wyclef Jean, The Rev. Jean Billy Beaufils, Gerald Duplesis aka Te Bass, Jean Bemol Telfort, Makarios Cezaire , Arolte Cesaire, Lesly Constant, Emeline Michel etc.

From Haiti to New York to Georgia, Mighty Gospel never stops working, thanks to the determination and devotion giving to Kesner and to all the members of the groups by the Mighty Lord.

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