About Juss


Energized and ready to take over the music scene… Juss, has arrived!

With much life experience and stories to share, Juss works his magic and jots down every detail on paper. He holds nothing back, allowing you to go deeper into his world of never ending melodies. Undeniably gifted with words expressing every feeling you can think of… Reaching out to your heart, your mind and of course your soul, Juss exudes strength and image in his writing.

Juss, whose been writing since he was twelve years old, gives you picture perfect lyrics taking you on a descriptive journey. Upstate New York [Poughkeepsie] wasn’t any place for a multi-talented young man, whose trying to become the biggest “Songwriter/Singer/Performer“ he could ever be. After moving to “The Big Apple”, Juss is given a chance to show just what he has. Yet, the big city has not slowed him down one bit. Juss seems to find the smallest opportunities to help him further his wild means of success.

His mothers’ death, when he was just eleven (11), inspired him to express his feelings through poetry which soon developed into songs of emotion. During this emotional time, he seemed to be a closet songwriter/singer transferring all his frustrations and pain towards something more active like dancing. Juss has been dancing since the age of six (6) along with modeling classes helping to create him into the individual he is now.

Talent comes along way now-a-days and Juss is a living example! The lyrics he conjures reflect meaningful and juicy subjects, whether it’s talking about basic love songs [with a twist], troubled matters or even life in general. Speaking of life, it seems to be that Juss has lived a hard one. With the acceptance of his mothers’ murder in 1994, and his fathers’ death which occurred in the summer of 2004 gives him all the reason to become what he feels he has to become. A soon to be Legend of his time, an Icon of his days, and a Songwriter in his own way…

With very little support from family and friends, for years, Juss has jumped from place to place trying to find a relaxing comfort zone…a home. In spite of what he’s been through, Juss is determined to get to one place in life and in this industry and that’s to the….TOP!


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