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Javan Duane Arrindell (Born November 15, 1980), better known by his stage names Aruba Bandit or Python is a Hip-Hop artist, songwriter, entrepreneur and activist. The son of Aruba’s Hip Hop pioneer Mercedes “Bambi” Smith released thirteen studio albums since 2000.

His musical career began in 1994, as a member of a group he founded called “TCB” (The Crooklyn Boys) which consisted of childhood friend D.O.G (Da Original Gangster) and himself. Influenced and inspired by his mother’s rap group “Bambi’s” he was determined to make a hip hop impact in Aruba’s musical culture that was predominantly influenced by reggae music. His cousin Larry “Magic Eyez” McCoy later joined the group and the trio began writing and performing at various venues on the island of Aruba. The group disbanded in 1996 as each of the members relocated to different parts of the world to further their education. Aruba Bandit moved to Brooklyn NY, residing with his grandmother as he attended Erasmus Hall High School. He later acquired his Associate’s degree in Business Management/Computer Technology from Interboro Institute. He returned to Aruba in 1999 to record and release his debut solo album “The Demo” (2000) introducing his unique hip-hip/Caribbean infused style and lyrical capabilities to the world. The debut release included tracks “We Back”, a collaborative effort with his mother and “Rah Rah”, a party influenced record that would be the first song played on local radio stations in Aruba. Aruba Bandit met local promoter, MC, DJ and radio personality Funk MC during the release of the demo who debuted “Rah Rah” on the radio as well as facilitate his first radio interview and freestyle. Local DJ Big Rig would blend a freestyle called “I’m From Aruba” with the original version of the song featuring JaRule and Jadakiss in 2004 which would aid in establishing Aruba Bandit as a household name. Aruba Bandit would go on to release 11 additional albums after the release of “The Demo”.

Influenced by 2pac, Jay-Z, Biggie, Eminem and Will Smith, Aruba Bandit continues to express his thoughts and feelings through music while etching his own legacy in the culture of Hip-Hop. He has continuously worked with influential artist as features as well as collaborators such as Eyonna Davis, Schav, Ricky McDonald, DJ Sycho, King Sage, J-Walkerz, Nomari, Jefferson Paris, Valentino King, Bambi and many more. His music can be streamed/downloaded on all online music platforms.


Studio albums
• The Demo (2000)
• Let’s Get Down To Business (2003)
• Black and White Album (2006)
• The TakeOva (2009)
• Whole City Behind Me – The Mixtape (2010)
• Face It (2011)
• Bet On Bandit (2012)
• P.A.P.I.A.Mental – Mixtape (2014)

Collaboration albums:
• Snake Eyez (with Magic Eyez) (2001)
• I Got A Story To Tell (with 5th Quarter Records) (2005)
• Vote or Die (with 5th Quarter Records) (2006)
• 2 The Hardway (with Schav) (2010)
• 2 THW Reloaded (with Schav) (2019)

Early Life:

Javan Duane Arrindell was born in the Brooklyn borough of New York City on November 15th, 1980. Raised in various neighborhoods in Brooklyn mainly Flatbush and Brownsville by his Aruban mother and grandmother, he is the eldest of 6 boys. Influenced in his early years by music from Teddy Pendergrass and the Manhattans he was drawn to the ability to captivate by using words and rhymes. While dealing with life threatening situations, his grandmother desperately sent him, his brother and his mother to live with his great grandmother in Aruba. By doing that, they would escape the conditions they were facing in Brooklyn as well as have better opportunities at life. Aruba Bandit embraced the safe change of pace while learning how to speak four languages (Dutch, Spanish, Papiamento and English) and feels forever indebted to the island for saving his and his family lives.

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