About Toni Putrino

Toni Putrino started his career in Melbourne Australia, playing in bars and clubs, solo and with various bands,
then moved to Europe, has worked with numerous musicians from producer Peter Blyton to U2
Guitarist, composer and singer, performing all around the world, mainly in Europe.
Has played countless gigs all over Europe in the last 15 years,solo and with the German band,Farfarello, also including a tour with the legendary Romanian rock band Phoenix
Based in Melbourne, Australia.

1992: CD Jim Knopf Carnival songs (Auf punkt recs)
1994: CD Tu mi piaci 1 (Ladybird/Zyx)
1996: CD Love and Freedom was released in Europe and Australasia (Polygram/Bud Berlin)
1998: CD Tu mi piaci 2 released (Polydor/energy/EMI) Ramazzotti commercial spot Germany
1998: CD farfarello & friends
1999: CD Clubbbastards released (Dance Street)
2000: CD Changes released (Polygram/Chukka promo records)
2001 to 2006 took a five year break from music (sorry)
2007: CD Live in Haan recorded live in Germany (Chukka promo records)

Go music tour May 2007 - joined Martin Engeliens go music sessions
Martin Engelien (Bass)
Thomas Blug (Europe strat king)
Charlie T (Drums)
Toni Putrino (Vocals, guitar)

WOW, coming back to music after a 5 year break direct on stage with these
Guys was an unbelievable sensation. I arrived on the first night and asked
“What are we gonna play” Martin said “anything you can sing as long as it rocks”
I said “but I don’t know the words to many songs”
Thomas replied “it doesn’t matter, words are just there to separate the lead breaks” hahahaha!
Joined Farfarello as singer on many concerts including Romania and Poland,

Simply called the, Dolphin song, originally I composed this song as an anthem for freedom, dedicated to the Dolphins and whales, such beautiful free creatures, then re-written in three languages for the German entry of the Eurovision 2008,but politics kept it well away from mainstream entries, recorded live with Farfarello, it is a magical song and I dedicate it to each and every one who believes in freedom. Toni Putrino.

Download it now at Itunes, Amazon, Napster, Emusic, Rhapsody, Media net, Spotify.. contact www.putrino.de or add me to facebook Toni Putrino

I am now writing new material for my next CD, please keep tuned and thank you for all the support, hugs and love to you all.

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