About Heavy Hound Records

Heaviness is an extreme. Heaviness is not a familiar or rehashed listening experience.
Heaviness is pushing the envelope. Heaviness is creating something new out of raw emotion.
It is not only the volume of your band, the equipment you use, or the influences that
you may be drawing from that you achieve heaviness through, but most importantly
the passion for communicating your artistic ideal to your audience.

Music is an art form. It is the sculpting of sound.
We are a label run by two people whose combined experience performing and touring
nationally, promoting and booking both nationally and internationally, promoting
internationally, and recording is over twenty years. Our goal is to run a label that
treats bands the way we prefer to be treated when it comes to all matters of production,
distribution, and promotion of our artwork.
This is one of the contributing factors to our ethical ideal of treating every band with a standard level
of dignity and respect. Our intent through our releases is to demonstrate what speaks to us
and what we consider to be HEAVY. We offer the option of affordable studio time at K Hole Studios
in Virginia, as well as booking and networking utilizing the artwork as a focal point of conversation.

We believe in the importance of supporting fellow musicians. This label is built on a
foundation of fostering a supportive community ethic that many other musicians and
fans of heavy music alike may benefit from.

contact the hound at info@heavyhound.com

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