About CifeMoneyMusic

CifeMoneyMusicGroup Presents: Shine King-GuttahLenny-S.O.M(Son Of Money)-Global Artists Okoye P aka JC. To the stage of #CMMG,#TheMoneyTank,Reppin three states and one country, these artists are very determined to rock the stage, rock the house, bring the noise, and won't stop till the last mic drops. CifeMoneyMusic numbers are steadily climbing the charts. Major labels are watching this group act now and receive the first initial paid performance that you can log in the record books for a lifetime. Always at meet and greets to give back what was started along time ago. Hope for the fans and the brand. This is a Rap/Hip-hop Group with the versatility to be creative in each individual ways and bring it together on stage. The energy, The crowd, and The performance will leave you at WOW!

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