About Helldarodo

One of metalís most shining hopefuls.With riffs from a furious blitzkrieg. The guitars scream, toss and rip from all directions and the wild rhythm section refuses to keep the band on a narrow line.

Louder, harder, faster, heavier, darker, catchier - the unstoppable force that is "Helldarodo" slithers menacingly forward, crushing the opposition and striking warped, blackened glee into the hearts of all the world over!!!!

Helldarodo gives thick, powerful, and fast riffs with a powerful and explosive percussion that can only be described as American Metal songwriting at its best. Helldarodo will conquer many, many new fans and achieve new levels of success! Be prepared for something new, but full of anarchy. Our self-produced debut album "Helldarodo" will be released in Spring"2009"!!!


hi Im really enjoying listening to your music. Hope to see you guys live one day :) I'll send a link to your page to all my friends. Is it possible to buy your cd with paypal? Thanks Joe

hey guys, i really love your sound, its fresh and comforting and i loved it the minute i heard. i would love to see you all live!!! have a good one Erin

Hi Guys, great sound ,great band and of course great songs love and best wishes Katy

I have visited your numberonemusic and myspace site today and I really enjoyd your music!! i'm not using myspace too often but you can reach me by email anytime. Please, keep me updated i will listen to all your music keep up the wonderful work! take care, Your New FAN Jake

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