About La Ron Langley

I was born in Honolulu Hawaii, my Father was in the military so we traveled alot when I was young.
I started playing drums at 7 years old and as I got older I started playing Sax, Bass, Guitar,Piano and other instruments. I lived in just about every State in the United States and in my travels I meet alot of interesting people.
I listen to every style of music that I could from Jazz, R&B, Rock, Classical, Country, Hindi and
I try to be open minded towards everything.
I write, compose, play, record and mix all the instruments myself as well as the background vocals. It is alot of work and very time consuming. I do like to create songs that are meaningful and peaceful. I've played with alot of bands in large and small venues and don't see myself doing anything else. Right now, one of my goals is to play live again to promote my songs. There so many people that I've watched and learned from, Philidelphia have alot of great talent where I studied music and went to school. I had a chance to play with some great musicians from New York, Denver, Chicago, New Jersey, England, Canada, Spain, India, and California to name a few places. I've learned so much from all the different cultures and use those experiences to help me with my recordings, I appreciate what I've learned. Using them as tool to produce, there no short cuts in recording or playing, so all the instruments are played track by track to give it a live feeling. I like easy listening music that will help you to relax and enjoy the sound of instruments in the music like
jazz, classical, blues and Island sounds, that tell a story and to capture the listeners attention when you hear the music again and again. It's like painting a picture, picking out different hues of colors when you look at the painting more. In some songs it may take you on a journey. Listen and I hope you enjoy the work that I put into producing these songs and many more.

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