About Guillamoma Records

I am a part of a greater whole, I live breathe and express my self through musical interpretations, I am blessed with an obligation to serve and contribute to something much greater than myself and I owe it all to my disciplined upbringing in the inner city of Washington, DC. Howard Theatre was the beginning for my musical foundation and I am honored to sing my own lyrics with a creative value that greatly resonates within the chorus of us all. "Mountainside by the Sea" belongs to all that inspired my funky consciousness, the jumpy jammingrenditions of the Eastern Coastal Beaches of Atlantic County released the energy. Thanks to my Higher Power- Mom & Dad and all that believed in me and making Mountainside a reality for the common good of the whole. Special thanks to Tommy Lee, Nelson Geralds and the Atlantic City Boardwalk Mercantile Division, Atlantic City Police Department and the visiting communities.Tweettweeettweet

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