Hesam Faryad (Singer, lyricist & Melodist) was born on September 8th, 1980 in Tehran, Iran. As an only child, and with his parents by his side, he grew up in his grandfather’s traditional house. With Jasmine flowers scattered in the backyard, and an old Mulberry tree beside a small pond full of fish. His poetic father known for his vibrant voice, entertained and performed for the local population.

From the tender age of five Hesam sang with his father and quickly acquired the ability to perform live. It was at this age that he sang the popular song “To Ey Pari Kojaie originally sang by Master Ghavami”, in a gathering of four hundred people. He never forgets the reactions he received from the crowd. ”People were staring at me. No one moved. They seemed almost in a trance. When I finished, everyone applauded cheerfully”. With so much music in his life, it was only a matter of time before Hesam realized that music was in his blood. It was something that came so naturally to him that when he sang it was almost like breathing.

At the age of eight he started taking Tombak lessons at Malek Music Institution with the Master Izad Kaviani. When he was only nine, due to his passion for Cinema, he was able to win the heart of an Iranian director “Ghodratollah Solh Mirzaie” to appear in his film called “Yek Khata” (One Mistake). This movie was a project for “Kanoone Parvaresh Fekri Koodakan”. He wrote his first poem “Ghobare Cheshmhat”, and his first melody at the age of ten. Hesam was twelve when his father registered him to learn Radif at Talar Vahdat with Master Karim Saleh Azimi.

His father left Iran when he was only fourteen years old. By this time he had his own music band and was performing in different gatherings. One year after his father’s departure, Hesam and his mother left Iran to Turkey to find their way to join his father. After a transit of eight months in Turkey, he was able to leave for Belgium but without his mother. His reunion with his father after a period of almost two years fulfilled him with much joy. However his distance from his mother and Iran, and his unwanted migration caused him a lot of emotional turbulences. At this time he started writing more seriously. He received great instructions from his father, Shoorideh, Nimad and some of the greatest Iranian poets such as Zari Minouie and Shahriar Dadvar.

During the first couple of years abroad, he has performed in many different countries all across Europe. He has a passionate belief in the importance of civil and human rights in every society. Therefore this inspired him to become the voice of those who are suffering and struggling in everyday life.
He was only seventeen years old when one of the greatest Iranian composers Mohammad Shams saw his live performance in Luxembourg. He was taken by the power of his voice, and became determined to make a record with him. In 1999 at the age of eighteen, his first official album “NAHANG” was released by “Wave Production Recording Company”. This album was
A combination of his lyrics and melodies alongside with those of Master Shams. He began to receive recognition for his young, strong and powerful voice within the Iranian music Industry.

So far he has five albums released by recording companies both in USA and Europe:

• Nahang (The Whale)
1999 (Wave Production/Belgium, Brussels), (Ava Records/ U.S.A, LA)
• Space
2003 (Nimad Music Publishing/ Germany, Norderstedt)
• Simorgh
Single DVD, 2004 (MHB- Records/ France, Paris)
This project was dedicated to those who lost their lives in the heartbreaking earthquake of the city of BAM in Iran.
. Moabrezeh , 2004 ( Artage Media/Toronto,Canada )
• Ghazal
2006 (Pars Video/ USA, LA)
. Nafass noosh (Nimad Music Publishing/Germany Norderstedt)
Soon will be Available on Itunes

He has also collaborated on albums with other artists such as:
• Noroozaaneh
2001, (Nimad Music Publishing/ Germany, Norderstedt).
A narration of Dr.Esmail Khoie’s poems.
• Keh Har Pirouzi Aval Arezoo Bood
2002 (Nimad Music Publishing/Germany, Norderstedt).
A narration of Dr. Jaleh Esfahani’s poems.
• Assaari Az Mohammad Shams
2003 (Mp- Records/Sweden, Malmo).

During the years of his professional singing career Hesam Faryad has been instructed and trained on his Vocals, music theory and some composition by his masters, Iraj Heet, Mohammad Shams and Nimad. He has also worked with other Iranian composers, arrangers and poets such as: Eric, Andranic, Esfandiar Monfaredzadeh, Seroje, Shahpoor Bastansiar,Kamyar Izadpanah,H.Akhtar,Farough Amiri,Taregh, M. Ali Shakibaie, Dr.Esmail Khoie, Reza Parhizkari, Dr Zhaleh Esfahani, Mina Asadi, Iraj Fatemi, Farham, M.Ali Esfahani, M. Mehdi Moradi, Ardalan Sarfaraz, and…

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