About Da Truth Records

I was struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, I lost respect for myself and others at times, in and out of jail, felonys charges, misdemeanors, and citations, was in my yearly lifestyle, losing friend and family, children, even my three year old daughter Melody De Leon being murdered in 2009, in the midst of all the madness, I found peace and purpose in my life through Jesus Christ, by faith I was saved,I was and am forgiven of all my sins, but it didn't end there,this journey had barely begun, my enemy the evil one, demons, and Satan, were fighting for my soul as well,I became a battlefield, a battlefield in my mind and heart, struggling with my faith in God throughout the years, sometimes backsliding, or relapsing back into my evil ways, God's mercy and love never change towards me, I eventually got discipled by men of God in San Antonio Texas, Freddy Garcia from Outcry in the barrio,and Bishop Donnie Banks from Victory Gospel Chapel. I made mistakes along the way yes, but I got back up every time. By God's grace I stand,its His Grace that saved me, and His Grace will take me all the way, in Jesus name.God bless you all in Jesus name.

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