About Jim Tragas

*Born June 12, 1942 Brooklyn NYC.

*Received his first guitar as a gift from his sister Connie when he was a teenager.

*1965 joined The Echoes, they had a Top 10 Hit song ‘Baby Blue'.

*Sung lead on their last single (I Love Candy) produced by legendary producer Jack Gold.

*Echoes became The Scoundrels, Recorded three singles and toured as one of NYC’s Top Acts.

*Ventured out as a solo artist, recorded two Singles with Cashman & West.

*Performed at The Back Fence, Greenwich Village NYC and continued to write & record songs.

Discography 1972 - 2014

White Buffalo (Single)
Mama Took Me From The Jungle (Single)
Brooklyn NYC
Live @ The Back Fence Greenwich Village 1981
The Keeper Of The Light - Songs For Cathy
High Power
Alexander & His Friends (Audio book)
The Ballad Of Fred Neil (Single)
Ole Hank Williams (Single)
A Rock & Roll Fanasty(Rock Opera Soundtrack)

Jim is currently retired and living in Florida with his wife Mary of 50 years. He loves spending time with his three grand children Alexander, Samantha and Tiara.

A message from Jim:

I wanted to say that I have been blessed with the gift of music, and I want to give special thanks to my son for his dedication and tireless effort in putting these projects together. Also thanks to my fans that have come out to see me perform. This one is for you.

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