About MuddyTouch

I love nature, whistles and harp. It seems natural to put them together in simple combinations.

Why MuddyTouch?

I always wondered why Jesus would spit on the ground and make mud to put in the blind mans eyes and heal him. If anyone could do a "perfect" miracle, Jesus could. Why did he need to mess up the miracle with "unclean' mud? Then, it hit me that maybe Jesus was making a point - God loves to work in and through the simple, earthy, imperfect and broken. As Leonard Cohen, says in his song, Anthem, "There is a crack in everything that's how the light gets in."

This is why I choose to put my music out to the world under the name, MuddyTouch. My music is simple, earthy, imperfect and sometime broken, but it is an expression of the deeper me. I hope it brings you some joy and light!

Let your light shine!

Yours, Rick Barmore.

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