About Brian Lee Watson

Brian Lee Watson was born in Wellington,NZ.
When he was  twelve years old, he was given a full size Yamaha guitar by his uncle and that was the beginning of his musical journey. At fifteen Brian bought his first electric guitar and valve amp. He busked and played at numerous parties until it all went missing somewhere. Through the seventies Brian played in numerous bands including Beat Dynasty and toured the pub circuit, had an absolute ball and his beautiful black Gibson survived well...Oh such a good time had by all. Brian remembers trying to pen some music but  the time wasn't right.
In the nineties Brian went back performing live as a solo performer, playing mostly acoustic guitar at small bars and intimate cafes and also went to vocal coach Maureen Shaw Carnie in Auckland N.Z. for a spell to knock his singing voice into better shape so as perform successful Rod Stewart shows in NZ and Australia.
The urge to write his own material become stronger and the unique journey of life so far has enabled Brian to put pen to paper and write his own music . Brian writes his music on life stories so every song is a part of him and his journey of life so far.
“Take me home” charted at #22 and “Fire on the mountain” reached #31 on the Midnight Blues Station Network USA.
Fabulous one chord song “Back Sliding Baby” and “Hard pressed” charted on Australia’s Triple J unearthed at #8 and #13 respectively
“Daphne” (instrumental) reached #26 on the Luxembourg Jazz music chart on august 25th 2010
SONGCAST REVIEW // Wednesday, Mar 12, 2008
”BRIAN LEE WATSON has a rare musical talent to entertain and relax...once you listen to his tunes, you can't get enough of his haunting voice, catchy, imaginative melody and simply lovely lyrics...10/10 any day!!!”

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