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Viper Productions, LLC's "Ambient Nights" Vol #1 music CD is a fine collection of strong ambient, jazz, new age, and techno rhythms all onto one extraordinary CD. Richard Myles is a professional music composer who scores theatrical films, but also has a gift to compose music to touch your soul. Special guest on the Ambient Nights Vol 1 Cd is the equally talented "Regginald Watson" who adds his creative artistry to the mix.

Ambient Nights Vol 2 continues the flavor of Ambient Nights Vol 1, but this album is more aggressive featuring Richard Myles and Shawn K. Clement of Clemistry Music. Shawn has scored some of the industry's biggest films such as Quantum Quest starring Samuel Jackson, Amanda Peete, James Earl Jones, Chris Pine, and many more. We are very honored to have Shawn and Clemistry's music on this album.

A Journey Home features Richard Myles' most erotic and sensual music on this incredible album. This is a dedication to Niagara falls, NY my beloved home town!

Darkness within Vol 1 is a fine collection of dark ambient horror music by the talented Richard Myles and Michael Damon. It truly touches the soul by helping you to face the darkness we all sometimes feel inside.

Ambient Nights Vol 3-Erotic Fantasies features Richard Myles and Ilirjan Guri from Berat, Albania. This album combines ambient, erotic, and sensual elements to make you feel like making love to your soul mate.

Ambient Vol 4-Center Stage features 20 incredible tracks that really put you in the mood to just chill with your significant other with a glass of wine. This album also features some HOT dance tracks to get your blood pumping. This album is distributed by another company, but it is also on iTunes, amazon, cd baby, music, spotify etc..for digital download.

Ambient Nights Vol 5-Musica De Soul is Richard Myles' latest album featuring some amazing ambient tracks with some serious base, and Latin flavors(Spanish and Italian). You can also find the erotic track Musica De Soul on this album which is destined to become a classic!

Ambient Nights Vol 6-State of Mind and Ambient Nights Vol 7-Emotions are both INCREDIBLE reflections of the various moods Richard Myles was in when he composed each track on the album. Like his previous work, Richard expresses his emotions and social experiences through his music. This is the kind of catharsis that helps those around him deal with life's unpredictable events through the art of music. Remember, music brings people together..and Richard's work continues the journey!
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