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Peter Todd was born in Walthamstow, London. Entered the Record Business in 1978,working in independant promotion.
Co-founded Impulse Promotions,part of the Zomba Group of Companies in 1983.Worked closely with Clive Calder, Ralph Simon & John Fruinn. Promoting artists such as Billy Ocean, Mel & Kim, Princess, Hall & Oates, Billy Idol, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Robert Palmer & Genesis. Between the years 1983 & 1987 Impulse promoted and was responsible for over 220 top 75 Hits.
Co-founded Champion Records in 1986.Hits at Champion included Salt 'n Pepa "Push It",DJ Jazzy Jeff "Girls Are Nothing But Trouble" & Whistle "Just Buggin'"
Founded Swanyard Records in 1988. Had immediate success with "Pump Up The Jam" by Technotronic. Both Album and Single reached No. 2 in the UK Charts. "Get Up" the follow up single was also No.2 The 3rd single from the album "This Beat Is Technotronic" reached No. 14. Total units sold in the U.K. were 1.4 million singles and 1/2 million albums. Swanyard Records acheived 1.5% of the entire singles market in it's first year. Signed Westbam, hits included "Cold Stomper", "The Roof Is On Fire", "Hold Me Back", "And Party", & Gwen Dickey Of "Rose Royce" fame to the label. Re-recorded "Car Wash" & "Wishing On A Star". Both Westbam & Gwen achieved chart success.
Co-founded Imagine Records in 1990, released "Fog on the Tyne"by Gazza. which reached No.2. Gazza's album "Gazza & Friends"achieved silver status.
Set up own studio "Quakers Yard". Produced "Accoustic Warrior" by Marc Bolan. 1996. Released on Telstar Records.
Produced "Songs Of The Broken Hearted" by Danny Grant. 2007.
Produced & Co-wrote "Neat Situations" for double MOBO awards winner MC Neat. 2007.
Produced "Home To Me" by Catherine Simoni. 2007.
Formed Chilled World Recordings as a home for Danny, Cat & Neat to release their product through iTunes, Amazonmp3. & Napster.
Peter has recently mastered 12 albums for Death Row Records UK. for artists 2Pac, Snoop Doggy Dogg, and Dr. Dre, also various compilations, including Death Row Greatest Hits Vol's 1 and 2. plus the T.V. advertised, "A Hip Hop History"

At the moment Peter is collaborating with the legendary Hammond player/producer Jean-Alain Roussel ( Bob Marley, Cat Stevens, The Police, Celine Dion, Dionne Warwick. ) on Jean-Alain's solo album. Due release date mid 2016.

Chilled World are pleased to announce that we have concluded a deal with Colin Frost, the songwriting talent behind the cult 80's band "Eat At Joe's" for his 3 solo albums, "Solo", "Free Slave" & "In The Garden" all 3 are now available on iTunes,Amazonmp3,Napster, emusic,Rhapsody, Spotify and Medianet UPDATE: New instrumental guitar album out NOW !!! 11.8.14 "NAKED"


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