About Punk Rock Records™ / Northern Front / Eastern Front Publis

Punk Rock Records(TM)(US) and Northern Front Records(TM)(US) is a record company, created by our founder, who is also by trade a producer, engineer talent manager and communications innovator. Punk Rock Records, was started in 1983. Northern Front Records as well as Eastern Front in 1987. The record company and it's members, that consist of current recording artists, pride themselves in the vintage analog recordings arts alongside the new and evolving world of digital. The first recordings, were done as live to open face reels, cassette tape and a one time wire recording machine. Only a few released via mail-order to pen pals by cassette, or online distribution, with minimal production, but many recordings were produced. We ultimately moved to a full scale professional studio productions of recorded material and post production.

Never a Top 5, 10, or top 40 hit. Never a Grammy.

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