About Samantha Lynn Hart

Born and raised in New Orleans, where the music never ends, Samantha pulls her music inspiration from many genre's and styles. She enjoys the feel of music then puts her feelings into the words that she sings! In her own words, she wants the audience to feel what she is singing, not just hear it!

Her inspiration musically would be Dolly Parton. She feels that Dolly never lost that feel of home, to which Samantha feels the same way. Samantha feels that if not for those that believe in her and support her she would not be where she is today, and she will never forget those people. To quote her directly, "I'm Just Me!" She is a good hearted, down home girl who enjoys the simple things in life, and is not afraid to say so!

Raised and schooled in the Catholic community of New Orleans, she gained a college scholarship to which she began in 9th grade. She graduated high school and college in the same week, and at age 18 was a RN. She began her hospital career at 18, but always felt there was something missing, to which we now know after hearing her sing what that was!

August of 2005 brought sorrow and hardship to Samantha, when Hurricane Katrina came ashore and destroyed what she for so many years called home! Just before land fall Samantha took her family out of the city to safety, but after the storm passed, she returned to her ravished city to assist with the search, rescue, and recovery of her home town.

Much of her hardship caused her next decision, to pursue her dreams! She decided it was time for others to feel what she had to say, and she stepped out into the world of music! Since this decision, she has felt right at home! She feels that no matter what has or may happen in life, there�s always music in her heart! That alone is a beautiful thing, and she desires nothing more than to share it with you!

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