About Richlyrics Entertainment

Shawn Rich a.k.a, Richlyrics is an expressive R&B Lyricist. His early influence came from

his grandmother Josephine. She was a poetic lyricist who inspired him to put his pen

to paper and write from his heart. He has a soulful style and has emerged as a songwriter

to be reckoned with. He has been composing lyrics since the age of fourteen years old.

His lyrics are provocative and brilliant! Richlyrics reflect both Shawn’s own life

experience and the state of love in the 21st century. Through his soulful storytelling he

has managed to create verbal masterpieces. Shawn Rich says, “You have to be honest

about who you are and what you do” If you follow his advice you won’t have any

problems. Shawn Rich is no stranger to the entertainment industry. He has worked and

written songs for many of today’s up-and-coming artist. Let him help you achieve your

dreams. When you perform one of his songs, you will “feel what he writes” and be swept


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