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For some public, jingles,juke boxes, club's, tv, film, commercial, blogger magazine, CD radio ready distr.,DVD!!!

Lala T. and I'm a real player, pimp n jiggalo who desires,tuffest, eccentric n most suitable ladies for all jobs required, of all ages 10 thru 55/cute n hot bod. Want's: 4 muzik video shoot's!!! September. 3rd,2024...9m-until

Artist signed 2 Nitelife records: LuLu,Lasha g. Lee,LaLa T., Bottom Bottom,Lovely,Flame Dash G., Okie,LZ,Project 1..buy now!!

Wanted: secratary modeling, dancing nurses, students, strip, costume dvd's, military, cops, tap dance, hiphop dvd's, foreign, high school student's, college students stump dance shows,spandex, short sets, new bikini tops, miniskirts, nudity, spa's,home dvd's, Party dvd's, bathroom nominees's, swimming pool party's,jacuzzie sit in's, award winner's, leather bikini's, leather skirts, leather pants n matching jacket, dresses, gowns, robes, nude under trench coat. Much more to come!!!

Casino is now paying out $1,000,000, ggggeeettt tttthhheeerrreee!!!

Dress code:USA n other overseas attire.
Height 5'2 to 6'2
Weight 110 to 280
Hair color: All

The author Lafayette Terry, JR
http://battleskarr.blogspot.com or songcast-lala t.

Lafayette M. Terry
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3645 NW 24th, -E.
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