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Amanda Jane Stafford became an aspiring travel agent after previous retail career in early nineties like Clooney in shoes. It seemed so exotic in the start you know travel and all, reality, low pay and years of working with in pure parasites who would rip off their mother�s to make a dollar!!!! Fate intervened and I was layed off which gave me time to write a trashy introspective sci-fi short story called Inertia. I still havnie edited it due to my ex-boyfriend�s English degree, his opinion after reading a couple pages: �was did not find it worthy due to it being too dialogue oriented�. However the artist was re-awoken in Amanda Jane Stafford. You see my dirty secret beyond being a �dinosaur� in industry terms was I auditioned and went to a school of the arts as a teenager. I was a drama major who some teachers respected because I was always curious and some swore about in private due to my candid openness on what I thought of them. Cawthra Park Secondary School Mississauga Ontario Canada if you want to research but I think most of the staff must have kicked the bucket by now!!!! (You see being a Scottish immigrant mummy liked the Canadian accent, problem was different culture than Glasgow enough said!!!!)
Anyway Amanda decided to actually pursue her dream figuring on part time job at a reputable airline called British Airways. They had a singing contest called �British Airways Idol� and I won. You see I forgot to mention June 2001 I did a studio demo titled �Dimentions of Dimentia� artist �Pagan Saint� anyway since I do not know music theory and play by feel,recording the demo me made me feel all I could do was sing and write ofcourse. You see that is when even though I knew I wasnie the look for success because in my mind most pop stars lack talent and all record companies do is flog good looking puppets, I started to play open mikes in Toronto. I did it once in New York in the past, success, NO,but I am an X generation girl so I must admit I waited too long, but figured why not produce because no one would have me?I own everything. Hence the 4 -track experiment �Pagan World� and my tribute to the 2002 recording as one of the songs I figure would appeal in many song genre markets!!!! Check it out on itunes under artist name Amanda Saint!!!!
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from hey feeling fine to latest offering americanesque, videos sneek peek & more music canada cbc, for industry hidding cheating, hurting, west T.O. exposed, still life camera epitaph, more to come in future, peace out for now!

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Amanda Jane Stafford
Amanda Jane Cowan
Mandie Jane Cowan
AMANDA SAINT (The Real Deal!!!!)

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