About Iyaahone aka Steve Machette

The whisper or sound of the Name “Steve Machete” evokes fear or apprehension into the heart of the opposition. To be called “Steve Machete” certainly carries equally amount of mysticism. However, to be around the person, one cannot but notice and feel the positive energy of consciousness that emanates from this talented Jamaican singer.
“Steve Machete” was Christened, Stephen Franklyn Layne on the 5th of February 1968 in the parish of Kingston. This date, according to his Nyahbinghi faith, makes him Joseph.
It was the strong influence of the late singer Tenor Saw that made him start his singing career. So strong was this influence that when he first landed on the music scene in 1985 whilst performing on Caveman Sound System, the public thought he sounded a lot like Tenor Saw.
He did a lot of fine-tuning in his singing and later sounded so sharp that his fans felt that he was much sharper than a saw and soon named him Steve Machete.
By the year 1988, he did his first recording at Jah Mikes Studio in Mountain View, Kingston Jamaica. It was a single called “Lump Sum”. This was produced by “Bubbles” on the Urr label.
He followed up with other release such as “Relax On The Trodding” produced by Sugar Roy, and “Dash Weh De old Iron” in combination with Michigan and Nitty Kutchie. Subsequent releases followed such as “Cant Go To Ethiopia” on the Ball of Fire label, “Judgement”, “Land Lord” and “African Empress”(on the Big Stone Label). He did another combination with top flight deejay Elephant Man called ”Weh Dem A Go Do Now” on the Young Blood Label and “Pop it Off” on the Q-45 label in 2001. But in 2004 he followed up with two big singles” Runaway” and “Hooligan”. “Hooligan” was a duet with Dillgins on the Wall Street Record Label. The songs were popular in the Dancehall and Night Clubs and a frequent request over the airwaves.
In July 2010, “Steve Machete” teamed up with his brothers and registered their own recording company, Rocky Sons Production Limited. It was during this rebirth that he changed his name to Iyaahone. This name as it suggests, he’s a “Higher One” in lyrics and attitude.
A memorable performance was at “Spectrum” in 2001 on the U.W.I Campus alongside Beenie Man, Baby Cham, Elephant Man and Bling Dawg to name a few. He has never missed the line up at Capleton’s “A St. Mary Mi Come From” since 2008. He has also been on many other stage shows locally and performed in Night Clubs in many American States. Having been singing for over 20 years as a semi-professionally, those who have heard said his songs send a message of appeal to persons in high authority and the more fortunate, and consoles the less fortunate in the society with hope.

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