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We Produce The World's Best Military Cadence Music!

A military cadence is a rhythmic flow of words that glorifies the triumphs, achievements, and the numerous life changing events that our American Soldiers, Marines, Air Men, and Sailors have experianced while supporting and defending freedom and democracy around the world. The U.S. Army and Marine Corps are notoriously known for chanting some of the world's best running cadences. The U.S. Navy and Air Force are known for singing contemporary running and marching cadences.

Running Cadences 101: Running cadences are also known as “Jodies” because "Jody" is a man that is unfit for war. Jody would conquer the town's dating scene while the real men were off fighting the war. Inevitably the girlfriends and wives would write letters to their overseas soldiers explaining how they have fallen in love with Jody (the other man). After realizing that punching the wall for several hours only inflicted self pain, men of war began creating humorous motivational cadences about getting even with Jody and finding a new girlfriend or wife with qualities that are exponentially better than there previous girlfriend or wife. We must remain vigilant and on the lookout for Jody. He's tall, dark, and handsome, and he has an eye out for your woman. Jody is a deliverer of pleasure, and his client could be your sister, girlfriend, or.....even your wife.

Most running cadences are about homesickness, complaints about military life, boast (of one's own unit) or insults to a different branch of military unit -as heard on our U.S. Navy Contemporary Running Cadence Album. Military Fitness Leaders use Cadence Masters cadences to keep troops uniform and on one accord while running or marching in formation. The U.S. Military promotes the use of running cadences because singing while running will increase overall endurance and lung capacity by up to 30%. If you visit your local military base you will surely see elite Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine units marching, running, and singing Cadence Masters Cadence.

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