About Rob Stevens

I have released 17 albums thus far enjoy!
My bio is my music,it's my life.
If you don't want to listen you might miss all those special moments made just for you,and the many tales I tell ,some real, some completely made up,but fun,nevertheless, in a genre, I think you'll find,to suit all age groups in this world. Plus new sound recording ideas are present in a lot of my tracks,Including my own 3D stereo theory that works on most 2.1 5.1 7.1 surround sound systems.I have also designed the earth's first 'REAL 3D' album cover called 'Illuminations one' You can look at it without the pain of wearing red cyan glasses,as it's already incorporated in the artwork.
Anyway,thankyou for your time ,and for playing and listening to me right here.
I am a registered PRS member.
You can clearly see I've written a lot of songs here; collaborating in the early years as well as the near present time too.
So,I'm sure you'll find at least one song you can take home with you,to some people that could mean a cup of tea or a bus ride home,you might even find you're sitting on that bus,or on the beach,in a cafe with that same person, listening to their music,have a great Christmastime everyone!!!!!!

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